What Are Slow Rising Squishies?


Aside from its visual aesthetics, squishies are also lauded for its stress relieving properties. Fans love playing with squishies which goes a long way in regulating their stress levels. Squishies just as their name implies, is able to revert back to its original form in a couple of seconds after being squished. How they come back to normal depends on the model and design of the squishy. One of these variations can be found in the form of slow rising squishies. Let us take a closer look slow rising squishies and how differ from your average everyday squishy.

As mentioned earlier, people love not just the collecting aspect but also playing with squishies. Their main purpose after all is to help relieve stress to their owners. Squishies are able to do this by giving their owners are avenue to exert force without hurting their hands in the process. This practice helps release some of kind of energy which helps induce relaxation on your part.


The act of squishing a squishy however, is not the only way these types of toys are able to relieve stress. Slow rising squishies for instance, takes their time before reverting back to its original shape. This type of squishy spends a fair amount time on its visual aspect by giving their owners designs ample amount of time to look at the squishy as they go back to normal. Seeing this in action is a visual spectacle as the wrinkles from squishing the squishy slowly fades until it is not visible any more. This in turn makes them more irresistible to play with and many fans find this to be a very much welcomed feature. It helps breathe new life on how you can play with squishies which is great as this gives fans a variety of options on how they want their squishies to be presented.

Slow rising squishies, like squishies here at wshcollection, has earned its rightful place as one of the popular squishy varieties that are available in the present. Since this follows a specific design and feature, make sure that you do enquiries before your squishy purchase. If you are buying locally, make sure to ask the staff if they have slow rising squishies in stock. Don’t forget to add the word “slow rising” when looking for squishies over the internet as this helps give you a much better result. Get your own slow rising squishies today!