Things to do while Dealing with Your Horse’s Death


Recently my friend Rob’s horse just passed away and since then almost for two weeks Rob wasn’t being able to deal with the grief properly. Rob’s horse Roxie was beautiful and she was one of the most lovable horses I have ever seen.

Death is always bitter whether it is an animal you have never had as your pet or an animal that stayed by your side for a long time. Death hits us bad and not everyone can deal with it a better way. My friend Rob was one of those people and he took a long time to recover from the death of his horse. This is the reason why you must learn how to cope with the same.


Here are a few things you should do while dealing with your horse’s death –

  1. If your land has space or you have your own land then you should bury your horse in your own land or near the stable itself. This can be very helpful for bereaved owners as they are able to visit their horse’s resting place whenever they want to and will always feel that he’s near them. Or you can also plant beautiful flowers and when they will grow, you will feel like your horse is relieving its life in a new way.
  2. Another way you can let the lost soul to rest in peace is by cremating the body, a service offered by lcmemorials. And then you can keep the ashes with you in your house or you can choose to bury them in your backyard. Both ways you will feel the presence of your dead horse. Or you can even put them in an urn or in a box and keep them in the most special places on your box.
  3. Talk about your feelings to someone. It is the most important thing to do. Relieve the memories once again by sharing them with someone else. Share your feeling with someone who understands and who can empathize with you. Don’t hold onto your feelings – if you want to cry, scream or you want to weep; then do it. Do not hold anything back—just let your tears flow.
  4. In any case if you have put your horse to sleep because he was ill and he needed peace, don’t feel guilty about it. Maybe if you wouldn’t have done that, it would have been very tough for your horse to cope. It is okay that you have let your horse rest in peace. It wasn’t your fault at all. Don’t let the guilt eat you up.
  5. Be happy that you have loved your horse unconditionally. It is the best thing you have done by giving him the best life and you should be proud of yourself. Be contempt with the feeling that how peaceful you have made your horse’s life and your horse was happy to be a part of your life. Death is inevitable and so it happened but your horse loved the life he had and he loved you as much as you loved him.