The Right-Sized Photo Booth for Your Special Celebration


It’s a great idea to hire a photo booth for your wedding. It always means fun and entertainment that can be rewarding for the guests in any special occasion you have. It’s easy for you to see how they can be the hottest item anyone may have.


If you’re going to look back into history, photo booths contain a series of tanks that have chemicals in them where your print comes out wet. In the advent of digital photography, this has come to an end. In most instances when the print comes out it is already dry.

The problem here is that there is no standard. When you hire a chocolate fountain, that’s exactly what you’ll get. There may be different sizes but in essence it simply does the same thing. It melts chocolate on a tiered platform and your guests can dip their different treats on it. This is not how photo booths work.

For instance there’s the traditional passport style booth that can be seen in Melbourne, Australia on many supermarket foyers around the country. This is originally designed only for one person but usually a number of people try to get into the booth altogether. The drawback in choosing a retro style photo booth is that it can be quite small for the guests who are adults. It can easily accommodate kids but not the grown-ups. However it is great for parties that are retro-themed.


One other alternative that most guests would likely enjoy is the party photo booth, like http://www.aussiephotobooths. Such booths are intended for the entertainment sector specifically. This is why they’re physically larger and they can take on more people all at once. This is an important addition to any event such as weddings since your guests would often prefer to use the booth in groups. You may also need to consider that some of the guests have large skirts like the bridesmaids. Such booths are designed to accommodate all these people.

You can also find a lot of photographers that offer a photo booth and they all advertise it. Most often with them by the time you get to the venue you’ll realize that what they really have is a portable studio. This means a camera that’s on or off a tripod, a backdrop, and a printer to complete it. In the first place when you check on the definition of a booth, it is an enclosed compartment that ensures privacy.