How to Dress Up Your Dinnerware Set


A huge number of individuals today take the necessary measures in securing the ideal dinnerware that is able suit their preference and needs. Dinnerware design looks great however, there is more that can be done in order to make them stand out from the rest in the same way http://www.slateplate is leading in producing such products. People are able to do just that breathing new life with their dinnerware set by simply dressing them up. Let us look at a few ways on how you can dress up your dinnerware without spending a fortune.


Creativity and Resourcefulness is Key

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to spend a fortune in dressing up your dinnerware set. Your creativity as well as your resourcefulness will definitely go a long way in helping you design great themes for your dinnerware in an inexpensive manner.

You can start by looking for mason or canning jars which you can use as a small vase or vessel to hold your silverware. You can find a lot of these jars online that are sold in a relatively cheap price. Don’t forget to have them thoroughly cleaned first before use.

If you have a garden, then dressing up your dinnerware set becomes much easier to accomplish. A simple stem or even a few pieces of greenery is more than enough to outfit your dinnerware set. The same can also be said if your home is situated close to nature. Be sure to keep an eye out for acorns, moss, sticks or plain old rocks as you can use these to help set the table with a natural theme or setting.

For those that don’t have any access to a garden, you find other good alternatives such as brown paper or perhaps a blank cardstock. You can use a roll of brown paper for a lovely backdrop for your food and any style of dressing you’d like to apply. For blank cardstocks, you can use them to create note cards or place setting markers, or label your dishes.


What if you don’t have access to all of these items due to limited time constraints for an upcoming meal with guest or friends? Well there is no need to fret as you can use the fruits that you will be serving and turn them as complementary designs for your dinnerware set. It is a great backup to have especially since fruits can be a centerpiece on its own.